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Team1 Finishes Slush Series with 1-2 Finish

March 21st, 2007

As we head towards the start of the 2007 AutoX season, Team1 wraps up the 2006-07 UBCSCC Slush Series with Ken Au-Yeung and Jonathan Lau finishing in 1st and 2nd place overall. They also led in the Group 1/STS standings with Carson Au holding off the rest of STS in 4th position and finishing up in 6th place overall.

Team1 would like to welcome Tim Wong back to AutoX after taking a season off because of conflicting work schedules. He raced in Slush 8 as a season warm up to get his groove back.

Carson managed to find a ride for the 2007 season with Mike Marich's Miata. He turned in some good times during his first ever autox in the car during Slush 8, using it as a pre-season warm up test session.

For 2007, Ken and Tim will remain in STS while Carson will be tackling CSP in the Miata. Jonathan sold his pimprocket of an Integra to Kelvin so he will be campaigning FSP in his new Golf.

This will be the new Team1 for 2007. We encourage everyone to form their own teams so we can have some team battles and trashtalking happening. (Yes TeamAWDPwn5 we're looking in your direction!)

VCMC Karting Series Event #1

November 8th, 2006

The 4 original members of Team1 participated in the first event of this inaugural off-season karting series, presented by MPR Motorsports. Team1 were split into two teams due to miscommunication and scheduling conflicts, resulting in Carson and Tim to form "Team 0.5" with Eric/MR-S and Edwen Ma/S2k, and later on Ken and Jon formed their own "Team 1a."

To much of our surprise, especially Ken and Jon since they both have a combined weight of only 285lbs, both teams were slaughtered: Team 1a and Team 0.5 came in 10th and 11th place out of 12 teams respectively:

10. Team 1a / 101 Laps / Best Time: 32.572 / Average Lap Time: 35.456 / Total Time: 59:41.765
11. Team 0.5 / 100 Laps / Best Time: 32.637 / Average Lap Time: 35.554 / Total Time: 59:23.250

For comparison, here was how the top 3 teams did:

1. Team Zero / 106 Laps / Best Time: 31.961 / Average Lap Time: 33.814 / 59:47.078
2. Team Hortons / 105 Laps / Best Time: 32.090 / Average Lap Time: 33.782 / 59:10.328
3. Team Tilasingh / 105 Laps / Best Time: 31.310 / Average Lap Time: 33.439 / 59.23.968

We have a lot to do if we are going to return and compete more dates!!

(Team1 apologizes for any bumpage induced during the race!!)

UBCSCC Slush Series Event #1

October 22nd, 2006

In the first event of the 2006-07 Slush Series, Carson has made his move to STS after installing some Megan Racing springs into his 240, while Ken and Jon continue to fight off the ever strong Ken Tsui/RSX. But this time Team1 came in short, as Mr. Tsui took STS with 37.198, followed closely by Jon with 37.587, and Ken at 37.991.

Jon seemed to have found a sweet spot in his Integra, which he effortlessly described it as "single-pump lift-action" that makes the car glide around the tight gates in this short and narrow course. Ken struggled and ended the day in 3rd, while having the fastest STS scratch time with 36.323 in his final and only run alone, only to cone in the "JDM Box."

Carson's 240 was supposedly gangbanged by 4 drivers at this event, which we believe to be the cause of him coming in in 10th place. What is up with Honda drivers not wanting to drive their own cars?!

Dustin played it cool and sat out for this one and was a major role behind the scenes of the event itself, helping newbies with registration, rode along with them and giving advice, and of course, workin the laptop for timing and scoring throughout the event.

This event also marks the first UBCSCC event that Team1 was involved in every step from planning the event itself 3 weeks prior, to designing and setting up the course on Saturday, all the way to course clean-up at 6:30pm Sunday. Everything went smooth, with 103 drivers participating, a delayed start time of 10:30am because of fog, and we still managed to pull off 6 runs! (That's 619 runs in total!)

Congratulations to Team1 members

October 10th, 2006

Team1 would like to congratulation our members Carson and Dustin, for being nominated for the roles of Membership Director and Technology Director respectively, and both for Social Director at VCMC. We wish you guys all the best in snagging those roles when the voting takes place later this year!

On another note, Team1 has signed on to help UBCSCC in rolling out their 2006-07 Slush Series events. We also helped design their new web site as well! Check them out at Slush Event #1: "Slush Opener" takes place on October 22nd.

UBCSCC AutoX School

September 23th, 2006

On Saturday, in our ever ongoing quest for more seat time before year end, Team1 participated and helped out with UBCSCC's AutoX School. Over 30 drivers showed up for this event, probably over 1/2 were brand new to the sport. In the mornings they were given instructions by senior drivers on 4 critical elements in AutoXing - slalom, offset gates, sweeper, and G-circle. In the afternoon, the elements were linked together to form a full-on AutoX course.

For the first time in Team1 history, Ken, Carson, and Jonathan checked in with a 1, 2, 3 Overall PAX finish.

2006 BC Autoslalom Championship

September 17th, 2006

What a weekend! The annual BC Champs event pretty much marks the last autocross of the year, where the big names in the region come out to duke it out for the title. Without a doubt, we were there not only to shoot for the titles, but to get as much autoX fun as we can out of the two-day weekend!

On Saturday we saw excellent weather, no sign of precipitation at all, a slight cool breeze could be felt for most of the day. Without a doubt it could've easily been mistaken for a cooler summer day. We finished off the afternoon with Jonathan in 4th position, Dustin in 3rd in the Integra, and Ken in 1st in STS on Saturday. Carson stuck it out in G Stock with 3 other drivers who were all seniors, and finished off the day in 4th position.

Sunday turned out to be a gloomy day as the clouds swarmed in overnight, and eventually poured onto the Boundary Bay runway. There were a lot of cars absent from Day 1, and everyone that showed up pushed hard to the edge. Carson jumped from G Stock to STS with his new RT-615's, and Dustin hopped back into his Civic to stir up H Stock. We gave it all we've got, and we as Team"We do what we can"1 managed to pull in some impressive results to close off this championship weekend and season:

3rd place, Top Novice

2nd place, Top Novice
3rd place in STS

1st place, Top Novice
1st place in STS
2006 BC Autoslalom Champion!

STS Impreza, Integra, and Civic - That's SF's Guile

Is that Guile from Street Fighter?

Surprised? So were we. The rain definitely helped with the Impreza's AWD, but it was dry on Saturday!!

Team1 would like to say thanks for a wonderful Novice year, and it was a pleasure for each of us to have met everyone we received support and guidance from. We made lots of great friends.. and some became potential 2007 Team1 pledges. :o) It has definitely been a very memorable novice year for all of us, and we hope to see you again next year!

PS - Jonathan would also like to say "WAZZZZZAP!" in preparation for the upcoming slush series in which we plan to totally and completely dominate, and I mean serious PWNAGE1!!111!!!11!

UBC Team Enduro Event

August 20th, 2006

Team1 came in 3rd in the first ever UBC Team Enduro event, but only behind two teams that consisted of senior drivers! As Tim was absent from this weekend's action, Dustin has stepped up to fulfill the duties of being the youngest member on our team.

At the same time, Team1 would like to announce that Dustin will be filling in for Tim for the rest of the 2006 AutoX season as he needs to send in his TPS reports on the weekends now.. mmmkay?

VCMC Club Practice Event

August 19th, 2006

While this was just a practice event, you can bet that Team1 put in their best effort for some serious pwn4ge, and within the STS class especially. Spearheading the training exercise battle was Ken/2.5RS with a top STS time of 33.401 followed closely by our friend Bryan/240SX with a 34.033 and Jonathan coming in third at 34.797 in his newly coilovered and RT-615'd Integra RS. VTAK Y0!!!!!!

What was more exciting than storming STS was the fact that Jon broke his left front axle after his 3rd run in the morning that led to a quick parts run to Lordco. With the help of his brother Chris they were able to replace the defective unit in about 30 minutes during the lunch break, and with time left to goof off before the start of the afternoon runs!

Carson's 240 aka "The Red Dragon" took a break while he co-drove Henry's ES Miata. He led in ES on street tires with 35.058 even though he got loose in a few sections, while Dustin placed himself comfortably in 3rd behind his co-driver "tire scrubber" Eric with a 35.065 in his HS 89 Civic Si.

Many things were realized at this event, including fixing overdriving issues by releasing the throttle and letting the front bite to save time, as well as decrease unnecessary tirewear.

This event served as a great practice and tuning for tomorrow's UBC Team Enduro event! And yes, although it is a practice.. Team1 is about driving our best and kickin' it hard whenever possible!

Team1 website up!

August 1st, 2006

Welcome to our web site!

OMGHi2U!! If you're visiting from VCMC or UBC, then you must've clicked on the URL on our signatures. Thanks for stopping by! There will be different elements added to this site in the future. KTHXBYE!!